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【Company name】 Outsourcing Technology Co., Ltd.
【Work place】 Toyosu or Otemachi
【Salary】 250 ~ 4 million yen

We are deploying business in a wide range of fields including web services, business systems, one-stop service for infrastructure building, cutting edge technology such as AI and IoT, and planning and solutions utilizing robots such as "NAO", "Pepper" and "Tapia" .
We also offer services across multiple industries including construction and architecture, chemistry and medicine, mobile communication, etc.
From the abundant choice, you will surely find the job you want to do. Those who wish to step up will also prepare a place of activity that favored the hope.
Why do not you engage in various experiences and technologies across the field and touch cutting-edge technologies?

【Job Overview】
We are making projects that can not be dealt with by maintenance development of existing WEB site into projects, designing from manufacturing to release.

【Business Contents】
· Designed by asking customer's request
· Website development, testing

【Development Environment / Language】
Java, C#

【Development process】
Release from basic design


【What kind of business fit to people】
Those who like to communicate directly with customers

【Recruitment background】
For increasing number of employees

【Working environment】
I work as a team at a customer's station.

【Rating system】
· Personnel appraisal system
It is a system that can raise the sense of competence by reflecting the achievement of goals to the treatment appropriately, and to train personnel who can stand on their own.
Define role and behavior of engineers by grading system that can draw long-term career path.

· Career dock system
We will conduct an interview about goal setting and assessment twice a year with the direct supervisor.
In addition, in order to follow advice about career, want to follow up, such as having anxieties, you can consult with career consultants from time to time to talk about career upgrading and skill improvement.

技術・資格 【Essential experience / skill】
Over 2 years of Java development experience
communication ability

【Desireable skill】
Experience of specification confirmation with customers

給与 年収 250万円~ 400万円

勤務地 Tokyo Toyosu or Otemachi
勤務時間 9: 00 ~ 18: 00 (60 minutes break time)
* There are fluctuations depending on the project.
※Overtime company average around 20 to 30 hours
休日・休暇 Follow Shift Break
New Year holidays, summer vacation (according to employment place), paid vacation (first year 10 days)
Maternity leave · Childcare leave system available
待遇・福利厚生 Pay rise / once a year (April)
· Transportation expenses full payment
· Various Social Insurance (Employment · Workers' · Health · Welfare)
· Defined contribution pension plan
· Retirement age 65 years old, no reemployment system
· Child-rearing short-time work system · · · Extended until the child reaches the fourth grade of elementary school (until the third grade)
· Business trip allowance
· Family allowance
· There is a dormitory for borrowing (single and family) ... Initial fee, partial rent for part of the rent *
· Migration cost burden
· Travel expenses for returning home
· Appointment allowance month 50,000 yen
· Farewell gold system
· Partnership recreation center
· Happy Anniversary Plan · · · Various theme park tickets and restaurant meal vouchers are given every month by lottery for people with anniversary such as birthday, wedding anniversary, child entrance etc!
· Qualification acquisition support system ... Examination fee burden, celebration included (5,000 yen ~ 50,000 yen)
· KEN school discount · · · subsidiary's IT school use half of all courses
· Career support system
· Technical book purchasing aid
· Internal FA system · · · wish to change himself and fulfill career change ※ With examination
Employment status Regular employee
Company Profile Company name: Outsourcing Technology, Inc.
Business summary:
IT, machinery, software development, electrical / electric design, contract development such as evaluation and analysis, dispatch of personnel etc
Head office location: Marunouchi Trust Tower Main Building, 5th Floor, Marunouchi 1-8-3 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005
Establishment: December 2004
Employee: 7850
Earnings: 35.9 billion yen
補足 ITJOBS is an IT / Web engineer hiring site operated by outsourcing technology.
We are looking for engineers at work such as system engineer, infrastructure engineer, server engineer, network engineer, information system engineer, application engineer,
internal SE, internal system development, software development, programmer, web programmer, PHP case, help desk We will.
OST_No_ 1807